Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Education


Department of Business and Social Sciences Education

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

The broad nature of the programme makes it possible for graduates to teach in several fields including religion, politics, and culture, among others. This makes them utility teachers in the schools where they have the opportunity to teach.

You can find jobs as:
• Teacher
• Civic Educator
• Researcher with governance NGOs
• School administrator

Entry Requirements: 

Applicants must have passes in Geography and any two (2) of the following elective subjects: Economics, History or Government.

Career Opportunities: 

This programme encompasses the study of the various social science courses like humanities and governance with focus on the civic responsibilities of citizens in a country. Social studies is one of the few compulsory subjects of study at the basic and high school levels in Ghana. Aspects of social studies are also taught as a course of study at the tertiary level. The Bachelor of Education (Social Studies) programme trains learners with the requisite skills to teach social studies at all levels of education. The programme trains learners to teach the country’s history, the governance and political structure, as well as citizen’s civic responsibilities. Learners are also trained in how to encourage pupils and students to respect regulations and rules, and be disciplined for the benefit of society. This requires that learners themselves to be morally up right, and ready to serve as role models who the school children can look up to.