Welcome to the College of Health and Allied Sciences (CoHAS), University of Cape Coast, Ghana. The College consists of four Schools, namely;

  1. School of Medical Sciences (SMS)
  2. School of Nursing and Midwifery (SoNM)
  3. School of Allied Health Sciences (SAHS)
  4. School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SoPPS)

The establishment of these Schools was only possible through the incredible devotion, planning and selfless efforts of Faculty members. The College is designed to link the mission of the University of Cape Coast to the citizens of the world and offers unprecedented opportunities to people with interest in the health professions. Currently, the College offers more than twelve (12) undergraduate health related professional degree programmes and five (5) postgraduate programs to the level of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Schools in the College are relatively new and have embraced new models of teaching with unrestricted freedom in order to be innovative and build our structures to link education to industry. This underscore our philosophy of linking Education to Industry, Knowledge to Experience and Theory to Practice. The diverse health professionals and scientists in the College collaborate to provide interdisciplinary and inter-professional models of education reflective of today’s team of healthcare workforce.

The leadership of the CoHAS has developed the strategic plan for 2018-2023 to rest on four pillars (i) Experiential and Problem-based Education, (ii) Research, (iii) Practice and (iv) Service. To give meaning to our strategic plan, we provide exceptional education that inculcates the culture of excellence in our students, empowers them to be passionate for community safety and development, and provides selfless leadership and advocacy for equity and equality in the provision of healthcare. Our graduates are therefore imbued with curiosity, empathy, determination and perseverance to lead healthcare teams to transform society.