Seminar in Commemoration of Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary and African Union Day

The Center for Teaching Support (CTS), in commemoration of Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary and African Union Day, Presents: “Decolonising Mind and Action, Improving Teaching and Impact in Higher Education: Reflections in Ghana”. This seminar aims to build participants capacity to transform teaching practice, and learning in Higher Education, from one of passive engagement between lecturers and students to active engagement that produces meaningful learning, creativity and self-determination in students of African descent.


It is announced for the information of the University Community and the General Public that at its Special Meeting held on Saturday, 30th July, 2016, the University Council, on the recommendation of the Appointments and Promotions Board, appointed the following Senior Members as Provosts for a 3-year term each with effect from 1st August, 2016:                                      

Name of Provost   

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